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Come and visit us to visit this new apartment, this apartment has a private terrace.


Rochdale offers a number of properties through, including Leeuwendalersweg 745.


Rochdale home of the week, Blauwvoetstraat 53. Delicately finished four-room maisonette on the ground floor.

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Amsterdam is a beautiful place to live for many reasons, on this website you will find a great selection of homes in and around the Amsterdam area, as well as why it is such a great place to reside in. Based on our own experiences and the experiences of others, we can tell you exactly what it is like living in Amsterdam. We would love to help you in your search for a new home in Amsterdam and if you have any questions or topics about Amsterdam that you would like us to cover we would be glad too. Apart from that, we would also like to inform you on some fun facts about the city and culture of Amsterdam.